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As French women photographer I realize backstage shooting: in fashion, cultural events, corporate...
I shooted nearly fifty backstages at the fashionweeks' Paris.

I look for a creative aspect in my artwork and step by step developing an abstract photography.

I lived in Los Angeles, Malaga, Brussels and U.K., it was wonderful for an openminded: learning everything from everywhere.

Graduated as master degree in Economics at Paris University, in 1997 I started shooting photography. I have been Photographer assistant for a long time & belonging to L.A Photography Organization.

I participated to several exhibitions in unusual places for unusual publics and in foreign countries too. I wrote all press papers.
Ten years ago I wrote an art page for a bilingual economics magazine.
For a while I worked at an Art Centre as Curator Assistant for emerging visual artists and as Cultural Manager for forecasting events (budget & research funding).

Beside fashion events, I shooted green landscapes and seascapes too, in France and abroad.

My way of life is simple:
- NO car, NO tv, NO red meat, NO smoke, NO drugs, NO alcohol.
- I support organic and raw foods.
- I'm fond of cats and books, but I have also special friends.

I promote low tech, slow life, second hand & recycling economy.
There are true alternative choice and "can change the World".
With Dominique Loreau's books I discovered japanese culture and zen attitude too.

I like fifty shades of blue and grey, with the white and a little bit pink. It's my prefered colors to have an enjoy life, why not with a tiny house and a trotinette.....

"The sens of freedom: Just be you.
It doesn't matter what people think..."

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